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Trade Show Counter Banner Storage Case 38.6" Tall Hard Carrying Case with Locking Protective Top for Lighting and Built-in Wheels and Handle

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  1. 38.6" tall case can be used as a trade show podium.
  2. Durable plastic shell design for withstanding long-term use.
  3. Top lid with apartment provides better protection for lighting and other materials.
  4. Wheels make transportation of heavy loads easy.


This hard carrying case is designed to protect your trade show accessories when being transported or stored. The hard plastic shell is designed to last for long-term use and protecting goods inside. The removable top of this carry case is foam padded and has slots for better protection of trade show lighting. The top clamps down onto the case using a twist-around ratchet style closure that has a hole for using an additional pad or combination lock for added security. Built-in wheels make transporting the case and its contents easy. The internal dimensions of this case are 25.7"w x 31.7"h x 14"d, the storage space for items such as table coves, trade show banners and booth supplies, flyers and literature or whatever you need to transport to your next trade show event. The over all size of this hard trade show case is 27.6"w x 38.6"h x 15.7"d and it weighs 30lbs. .Please note: The interior dimensions have 4 latches. So, the interior depth at its smallest point between the latch area is 12". Also, there is a built-in handle, the inner width from the case to the handle area is 24".


The case is come with a rigid corrugated carton box.

Carton box size: 28.4" x 17" x 40.2" 

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