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FAQ & Support

What does Step and Repeat mean ? 

A step and repeat banner (sometimes a step and repeat wall or press wall) is a publicity backdrop used primarily for event photography, printed with a repeating pattern such that brand logos or emblems are visible in photographs of the individuals standing in front of it. Step and repeat banners are common fixtures of red carpet or fashion events, or custom-printed for weddings or galas in order to give a more "celebrity-like" feel to attendees' photos.

Where I can use the Step and Repeat ?

The main use for step and repeats is brand awareness. The idea is that the photos will be shared through various platforms causing a ripple effect in impressions. More recently, step and repeat banners are being used more widely in and not just for hollywood style events. They can also be seen at trade shows, conventions, demo days, grand openings and even weddings, birthdays, and church events.

What graphic file types are workable ?

We prefer Vector Outline EPS files or Adobe Illustrator. These allow us to scale your logo to any size without any loss of quality. Also, vector files are never "pixelated". JPEGS and PDF's will work. Just keep in mind, if the file is really small, when it's scaled up it can be blurry or "pixelated."

How do I upload graphic artworks for my order ? 

You will need to upload your artwork for your order if you ordered graphic printing. You can simply click upload artwork now . Or click the “Upload Artwork” button besides the log in section, it will redirect you to upload the file. Please kindly quote your order # when you upload the artwork. Thank you.

What payment do you accept ?

We accept major credit cards, besides, you can easily pay with your PayPal account safely if you do have one.

How much I pay for the freight rate ?

Based on the shipping service you choose when you place the order, the carrier will charge the freight according to actual weight or dimension (cubic) weight of shipment, whichever is higher.

Can I pick up from your store to save freight cost ?

Definitely, if you're not far from us, you can pick your shipment up from our factory which is located in 19 Route 10 East, Suite 17, Roxbury Business Campus, Succasunna, New Jersey. 

Can I use my own freight forwarder's (carrier) account to ship the order ?

Sure, if you have your own freight forwarder's account and you want to use it, please let us know before you place the order. We will draft the order marking free shipping and send it for your confirmation.

Can I use the stand for another event ?

Of course, most of our display systems are made of premium anodized aluminum, which is environmental friendly and can be reused or recycled. What you need to do is to contact us to order a new graphic for the new event.